Installing Microsoft's free VMs for IE testing on Arch Linux

I'd heard about and tried it out a few months back. It seemed to be a lot more reliable than using IETester via Wine and generally a lot easier to set up.

How I installed the Google Voice and Video Plugin on Fedora 15

I wanted to try out the hangout feature of Google+ which requires the Google Voice and Video Plugin, but when attempting to install the plugin using the downloaded rpm in Fedora 15, there was a worrying number of dependencies. This is how I fixed it.

Kernel extravaganza

Just prior to Christmas, I received my new Sony Vaio. I messed about with the Windows 7 installation and borked it when trying to add Maverick to it. I then ran Maverick on it's own for a bit and then decided it might be useful to fix the dual boot thing working again. Second time lucky.

A few niggling bits and pieces were overcome, such as getting the trackpad to function. While looking through the syslog, I spotted this message:

intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: MCP power or thermal limit exceeded

Creating clearer messages

Some regular readers of this site may have noticed that some content has started to disappear. It's not actually. I'm in the process of making dividing the content amongst four other sites so that each site is more coherent.

To determine where the content is to be placed, this is my rule of thumb:

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 Problem on Mac (resolved)

Acrobat Reader enable/disable plugins via the Get Info dialogNote: this issue disappeared for the author, after upgrading to Adobe Reader 8.1.

I was being driven around the bend trying to resolve a problem with Acrobat Reader 8 in that it kept crashing within 15 seconds of launching (scroll down to read more).

Eventually, in the Adobe forums, I found that others were having the same problem and it was due to the update plug-in. Most likely some sort of privileges problem, according to another poster in the forum.

The solution given by people in the forum was to choose to remove the Update plug-in by removing it from the application's package. However, I found that there was an extra pane in the Get Info dialog that allows you to add, remove, enable or disable plug-ins. I think it's a more sophisticated way to deal with it.


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