The company I keep

I'm currently sitting across from a nice looking woman who appears to be assessing an essay entitled "A Review of Recent Corpus-Based Methods for Evaluating Information Ordering in Text Production".

The lady sitting next to me was watching me type, so I stopped for a while. Eventually, the nice looking woman got up and disembarked at New Street.

I took the opportunity to switch sides of the table for a bit of privacy. The lady sitting next to me was nice enough but I did feel restrained.

However, a chunky guy now sat down next to me and is picking his nose and eating it. I don't care if he's reading this. You're a foul person. So there. I guess I told him. I hope he sees the humour.



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I took the opportunity to switch sides of the table for a bit of privacy. The lady sitting next to me was nice enough but I did feel restrained. 400-201 braindumps

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Nice one. And the one that is picking his nose and eat it ... yuck ...

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