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Submitted by Richard Sheppard on Fri, 06/17/2005 - 00:00

I had a somewhat interesting time yesterday while demonstrating how I set up my blog and showing my colleagues how I enter new entries on my blog. It was a bit like trying to herding cats.

I didn't expect it to be anything else to be honest.

What I'm finding most interesting is the variation of understanding of my colleagues about blogging and their aspirations and goals (or lack of) in the blogosphere. Blogosphere is both a stupid word and yet way way more cool than the work cool, don't you think?

My goal in the blogosphere? It's all selfish, really. It's merely a way for me to express myself. I'm blogging for me first. You can always put a comment in and tell me I'm full of shit. I'm a big boy - I can take it. I'm also not concerned if my entries cause me to lose my job. If I can't exercise self-expression via the web due to company policies, I'm not working for the right company.


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