It's not only a train journey

As well as the train journey from Leamington Spa to Wolverhampton, the final bit of my journey is a bus ride from Wolverhampton bus station to my house. Tonight's ride was interesting, as it was the first time I had ever spoken to someone in the bus shelter. It went like this:

Me: "Could you put out your cigarette, please?" Her (all of which is said in .5 seconds): "I'll smoke if I want to. I was here before you. Why don't you move? There are plenty of other places you could sit. Everyone else smokes."

Vicky Pollard - the face of New BritainNow, guess her age. I'll describe her like this - she's a middle aged version of the Vicky Pollard character on "Little Britain" - Yes but, no but, yes but, no but... This thought crept into my mind immediately. I said, "You are so full of shit. You know that character called Vicky on "Little Britain"? You're like a middle aged version of her." Surprisingly, our conversation ended then. I know it fuelled the rest of her evening however. When we boarded the bus, she sat in the back and a friend boarded not long afterward. The discussion was all about smoking, and how considerate she was by not smoking in her house. For example she wouldn't let her 15 year old smoke. That even though she only let her older child smoke in the house when he/she/it was 18, although he/she/it protested from the age of 16. That "even though I have asthma, I'll smoke if I want to".


It is so interesting conversation. I like that you shared it here for the people who use to smoke in the public places. Here I come to know about the best ideas that helps people doing good things in public.

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An interesting and a quick conversation. I can understand how patiently you hold your amusement or anger with her reply. She must be having a bad day. Forget it.

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Cannabis Smoke is safe contrasted with Tobacco smoke, yet any smoke can cause disturbance inside. It’s not genuine, simply quit smoking (everything) for a short time. Smoking can cause ulcers, yet not in the event that you do what needs to be done two or three times, and not at your age. It’s not a major ordeal. Just don’t aggravate it any longer. That could cause the heart consume, similar to cerebral pain that is the reaction of uneasiness. You are agonizing over smoking weed, so the stressing is causing the cerebral pain. I don’t figure you should smoke weed at 16 however. Your body is as yet creating. Do my assignment UK yet they effectively demonstrated that it doesn’t cause negative effects on grown-ups, yet there have been no investigations on teenagers, so I just don’t figure youngsters should. It’s not growth if that is what really matters to you stressed.

Interesting journey story, but a little bit stressful.

Why do you like to smoke especially in train, as far as i know some places in train are reserved for smoking why did you not go there? I wish you must read similar article on where shocking cases will stun your soul, they have shared plenty of victimized patients who are suffering from cancer just because of smoking.

Experiences come through different stages at any walk of life and i am sure your train journey was one of the best journey ever. I remember when i started working on centroeducativoduarte for more than three months i had to traveled a lot on train for marketing purposes, i really enjoyed the moment and it was one of the best period in my life.

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