Struggling for ideas

Submitted by Richard Sheppard on Thu, 06/16/2005 - 00:00

Here is my day so far (it's only around 9.30 in the morning):

  • Woke up at 5 - gave in to the call of nature, then tried to go back to sleep
  • ...the bloody cat decided to try to crawl all over my head
  • ...woke up at 6, had breakfast and shower
  • in such a hurry to get to the bus on time, I forgot my belt
  • ...kicked myself for not bringing home my umbrella from work last night
  • ...worked on my laptop in very cramped space on the train from Wolves to New Street
  • ...much more space after changing from New Street to Leamington
  • ...txt'd AW to see if I could get a lift from the station (see "left my umbrella at the office" above)
  • ...after much to-and-fro via txt, eventually speak with AW who agreed to pick me up
  • ...AW gets stuck in traffic on Northumberland Road which is annoying on many levels -
    1. the obvious, in that I was waiting in the cold and wet at the station
    2. I'd been telling him that Northumberland Road was a much more straightforward way to get to the office for weeks, and today was the first he'd tried it
    3. I'm expecting him to moan about it all day
  • ...took taxi to the office and sold the taxi driver on the idea of Emart as a great place to shop on the web
  • ...continued discussions with AW re: pros and cons of blogging, after he set his up last night

Sorry about too much detail. I finished a novel by Steve Martin on the train last night. A book called "The pleasure of my company" which I enjoyed very much. Written in the first person, it's about a guy that has a serious case of Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and has to do far too much planning to leave his apartment. Very well written. And the inspiration for me to provide far too much detail in this posting. Are you still reading?

OK then, last night on the train home, I cracked the issue I was having yesterday with the MD5 encrypted password in the "staff" table of the Emart db. I've had exactly the same problem on previous sites, but I didn't learn from my mistake. The password's field definition was set to varchar(12). MD5 generates far more characters than 12. I've upped it to varchar(32) but I think it might simply do varchar(255) to ensure I never see this bloody problem again.

Ironically, the character in the Steve Martin novel is a cryptologist.

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