Stupid Book Titles

Submitted by Richard Sheppard on Wed, 08/10/2005 - 00:00

I've been carrying around a book for a few days called "The Mac OS X Command Line" or something similarly geeky. I was carrying it around because I thought it was going to be a useful resource for developing some *nix shell scripts that I need to pull down files from suppliers on a daily basis, extract their contents and then shove them into our database. Or remove stuff that suppliers no longer supply. In any case, you get the idea of the thrill and excitement that I was in for.

However, after finally having a poke around the book last night, I've realised it wasn't the book I'd intended to be carrying around. It was far too basic.

Embarrassingly, the book I'd intended to have with me was "Wicked Cool Shell Scripts" (WCSS). WCSS was not a frivolous purchase. Actually it wasn't a purchase at all - I did some work for a pensioner last year, and I couldn't bring myself to charge him my normal rates and also add on the VAT. I did some research and felt that I needed to add this book to my library - I asked him to purchase it for me in lieu of payment.

I did tell the guy that I felt the title was stupid, but the content was important. He humoured me.

One thing I never anticipated was that I would some day be reading this book on a train. In front of God and everyone. This is very embarrassing. I think I might make my own book cover with some kiddie birthday present wrapping paper. Or something.

Shell scripts are interesting and functional. "Wicked" and "Cool" are two superlatives that shouldn't be in the same sentence as shell scripts, and putting both of them together like that is just plain ridiculous.

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